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Solar panel manufacturing equipment
Solar Cell Tabber Stringer
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Solar Cell Tabber Stringer

Solar Cells Automatic Tabber Stringer

The Tabber and Stringer Machine is a device used in solar cells to join the cells together to form a module. SUPO Tabber and stringer machine has the following characteristics:

1. Automated operation: Tabber and stringer machine can automatically connect welding ribbons or wires to battery cells to improve production efficiency.

2. High-precision positioning: This machine uses advanced vision system and positioning technology to ensure that the soldering ribbon or wire is accurately connected to the designed position of the battery piece.

3. Reliable welding quality: Tabber and stringer machine adopts high-quality welding technology to ensure that the welding points are firm and reliable, and the current conduction is good.

4. Easy to operate and maintain: The machine has a user-friendly interface and is simple and convenient to operate.At the same time, maintenance is relatively simple.

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