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Solar panel manufacturing equipment
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Company profile

Suposolar is a group company have been engaged in solar PV module manufacturing Solutions for more than 15 years focus on serving small and medium factories in PV Industry.

Our machines have been manufactured from joint-venture factory with high quality and best price, we not only supply machine but also provide quality service - from delivery, Installation and commissioning to after-sales service of complete and Integrated systems.


Supo HBS

l Engaged in most competitive Solar Cell Stringer

l Automatic Layup Machine

l Automatic EVA/TPT Cutting Machine

l Other high advanced automation solution.


Yoha Solar

Engaged in most competitive solar equipments listed as following:

l Solar Cell Tester

l Solar Cell Laser Scribing Machine

l Solar Panel Framing Machine

l Solar Panel EL Tester

l Solar Panel Sun Simulator

l Solar Panel Production Line

l Other Auxiliary Machine:


AWS India


l Engaged in top level technical and after service supporting on local market in India

l Laser Scribing Machine( Made in India)

l Solar Panel EL Tester( Made in India)

l Auxiliary Machine( Made in India)


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